Off to New Adventures | 14 April 2021 | San Francisco Bay Area, USA

I am beyond excited to be joining Helix Biostructures as Chief Marketing Officer starting on 1 June 2021. What drew me to Helix is their lean business approach, their fearless and value-driven leader Joshua Carter, and their awesomesauce team of scientists and technologists.

During my tenure at Thermo Fisher, I was fortunate to be given incredibly fun and challenging business problems to solve. My career took off quickly and I got a crash-course MBA through real-life 'trial by fire' as product leader for non-traditional cryo-EM customers. I particularly enjoyed concepting, developing, and launching the Thermo Scientific Tundra Cryo-TEM. This is the world's first AI-enabled Cryo-TEM that leverages smart automation to be accessible and easy to use for non-microscopy experts. After this exciting ride, I am eager to put what I learned about how to grow a business to use. Hence, the start-up move.

BONUS! It turns out that Helix is headquartered in In

dianapolis, IN USA. This is where my little brother lives 🥰 (the one on the right in the picture). I am very, very excited that we will be spending more time together. My brother Hendrik is a musician in his freetime, check out his video below!

Until next time 🏄‍♀️







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