Surf's Up | 17 April 2021 | Punta de Mita, Mexico

Updated: Apr 17

Off for a surfy surf in Half Moon Bay, CA USA

Today I am taking off on a week-long women's surf/yoga trip with SwellWomen in Punta de Mita, Mexico. The picture above is from earlier this year, taken by my hubby Chris Arthur, before we headed out for a surfy-surf on a sunny Sunday off the pacific coast, which is 4 blocks from our home. Chris and I met in San Diego, CA while I was a graduate student and he a post-doc at The Scripps Research Institute. We fell in love paddling out for dawn patrol 🥰. While Chris will not be accompanying me for this trip, we do have another surf trip planned for later this year, when I will be celebrating the big 4-0 this May. Chris and I moved to Half Moon Bay, CA in early 2017 when we were delighted to discover this cute coastal town home to a few fun surf breaks and the infamous Mavericks break (which is close to our home, but no, we are not crazy enough to surf it ourselves 😉).

For this trip, I wanted to go by myself as a way to reset after a pretty intense 4.5 years of kicking butt and taking names in my job at Thermo Fisher and before starting the new adventure with Helix Biostructures. In addition to surfing and doing yoga, I will be buckling down with my meditation practice, for which I simply adore Sam Harris's app Waking Up, and with my trusty journal. For journaling, I will be writing to process my current thinking on the three technology trends that I am excited about - computational biology, quantum computing, and advanced algorithms such as artificial intelligence and machine/deep learning. I am thinking about these topics as they relate to my other adventure - my very own silicon valley tech and AI startup. More on that soon!

Be well 🏄‍♀️







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